A little bit about me


Welcome to Kristina Virtue Designs.  I am a calligraper and do custom wedding calligraphy based in my home office in Newbury Park, California. I offer all aspects of wedding calligraphy, including wedding invitations, place cards and menus, signage.  I especially enjoy the customization of surfaces that normally wouldn’t be used, such as bark, leaves, pumpkins! I also do personalization and customization for corporate clients looking to make gifts and printed material more unique.

I first learned calligraphy in fifth grade and loved it. There were only so many ways to further my learning so it just kind of fell by the wayside.  In 2006 I spent a year studying calligraphy at Roehampton University in London.  There I learned italic and foundational calligraphy and further my interest in bookbinding.  More recently, I have added Copperplate calligraphy to my list of hands and have LOVED learning such a beautiful script!

I’ve always been a type and letter nerd, and find so much enjoyment and amazement in the letterforms whether it be beautifully laid out on a soft blush paper for a wedding invitation, decorating a chalkboard, or splashed across a train in the form of graffitti.

So now today I find myself busier than ever trying to keep up with all the ideas floating around in my mind and at the same time take care of two little girls, our dog, and my husband.  I never particularly thought of myself as talented or even artistic but I find myself being told those things more and more often. So with my confidence boosted a few notches I started my own design firm.

Take a look around and see what suits you. Most of my work is custom so if you don’t see it here, let’s get together to discuss ideas!

Contact me with any questions  You can also sign up for my email program by clicking the link below