Welcome to my Gallery of Calligraphy samples.  I’ve chosen these pieces to be featured for the uniqueness of each item.  I don’t do a lot of writing on bark but love how the bark place cards turned out written with brush calligraphy.  I have featured a good number of wedding place cards with calligraphy that have been washed with watercolors and some with a gold wash over them.  The modern calligraphy on these wedding place cards lends such a playful feeling to the overall card and design.

There’s wedding signage featured which showcases differed signs and lettering styles, some of which are available in my etsy shop.  I rent wedding calligraphy signage and always give you the option to personalize your sign with custom calligraphy.

Always a favorite are my chalkboards, some of which make their way into the hands of all the little kids beginning a new school year.  Did you take my Back to School Chalkboard Design class?  Send me your pictures and you can be featured!


Please check out my Etsy shop, where you can browse many of my offerings and even pick up a few more ideas. 

White Copperplate Envelope Addressing
White Copperplate Envelope Addressing
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IMG 8417
IMG 7378
IMG 7979
IMG E0824
IMG 8177
IMG 7365
IMG 8179
Perfect Sign For Wedding Rental Personalized And Custom
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White Copperplate Envelope AddressingIMG 0821IMG 8417IMG 7378IMG 7979IMG E0824IMG 8177IMG 7365IMG 8179VellumpersonalizedwebPerfect Sign For Wedding Rental Personalized And CustomAgedwood Elcome WebIMG 8366